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Patch Notes

Postby Tom Johnson » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:32 am

Got a few requests for this! Here are all the current patch notes for Enemy. I'll keep this thread updated as more updates come in.

Version 1.01

Adjust builds of starting recruits so that most of them begin with at least one point in Mind, and thus are a little less panicky.

Add keyboard commands to raise / lower the target box and to look in a given direction. Previously, these were only available via mousewheel, so people with trackpads couldn't play.

Fix freeze in throw code that could occur at very sharp angles.

Fix crash in ragdoll creation where it was possible a dead character was added to the ragdoll creation list twice.

Fix crash on exiting a zone when composites of blocks, such as fallen trees, are on fire.

Berserked characters only pick up objects to throw if they aren't carrying weapons.

Fix bug in Lythronax and Dedalus that was causing them to repeatedly show up as recruits even if already in your party or dead.

Fix bug where you could, under rare conditions, pick up a block that had since been destroyed and then crash.

Fix bug where you can eject broken 'ammo' items from magic weapons that don't have ammo.

Experimental: enable an option to save games in the game directory itself rather than Documents. This requires developer_settings.xml in root Enemy with content:

Code: Select all


Fix crash on Mac/Linux when highlighting ragdolled characters near cliffs and hills.

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Re: Patch Notes

Postby Tom Johnson » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:33 am

Version 1.02

Add three new music tracks for towns and new ambient background sounds.

Fix several crashes caused by the system trying to access visibility data that is actually out-of-bounds.

Fix crash when saving/loading a game in which a ragdoll was being carried as a held object.

Fix: the camera quickly zooms back and forth when you see a new recruit.

Fix a freeze that could occur if the player commands a character who is currently held by another character to look in a different direction.

Reduce the bounds required for pathfinding while carrying a ragdoll.

Drop is always a valid action if a character is holding something above their head.

Add a failsafe to handle a bug where for some users the 'continue' button did not respond to mouseclicks.

Fix crash in item description when looking up stat requirements without a character currently selected.

Fix potential crashes when updating the visibility of smoke and fire.

Fix crash that could occur when a projectile is destroyed in two separate ways on the same frame.

Fix crash that could occur when selecting 'yes' on the use reserved time prompt, when called from the inventory.

Fix crash that could occur when characters, especially enemies, tried to pick up certain objects.

Fix: teleporters could teleport characters under water.

Fix: if an enemy sees a squadmate right after they teleport, the camera would zoom back to their previous location.

Fix: several squad members disappear when using local saves.

Fix: on Mac, key names in the keybinding menu were just empty.

Fix: sprint cannot be rebound.

Add additional checks to ensure that it is impossible to be in a cleared zone without it registering on the map.

Fix: players can get stuck in a zone if they would normally transition due to death but exited the game before it triggered.

Every time the player enters a peaceful zone, mark everything visible.

Fix freeze that could occasionally occur when initial party members enter the player's house.

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Re: Patch Notes

Postby Tom Johnson » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:09 pm


Add Steam trading cards.

Add lots of optimizations to visibility algorithms.

Handle non-ASCII characters in the user's documents directory.

Fix: characters take fall damage when they pick up a floating special block.

Fix: fix bug where characters could be launched into the sky and then get stuck there.

Fix: ambient sounds transition correctly.

Fix: when a character is melee attacked and pushed off a cliff, they would snap back onto the cliff.

The region of morale damage around an attack is now spherical rather than a cube.

Slightly reduce the variability in the amount of morale damage.

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Re: Patch Notes

Postby Tom Johnson » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:02 pm


Once you have cleared a zone, all items on the ground and on bodies will appear in the ground menu, regardless of distance.

Add a button to the character sheet to dismiss the character from the squad. They will wait for you wherever you left them.

Fix: flashbang accuracy was be reported as much lower than it actually is.

Fix: ambush enemies (including bosses) wouldn't come after you if you hit them from out of sight.

Fix: continue button doesn't respond to input on the game over screen.

Enable enter and escape on the game over screen in addition to mouse presses.

Fix: characters who had done jump damage would get warped back into the zone each time they tried to walk out.

Fix: inventory menu will overlap with equipment menu, making some items inaccessible, at resolutions with width less than 1280

Fix: visibility of environment was not always updated correctly when characters walked around

Fix: screen seems to darken in the editor when you switch from edit mode to game mode

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Re: Patch Notes

Postby Tom Johnson » Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:42 pm


Enable free rotation of camera in addition to viewing from the four cardinal angles. Hold 'Alt' and move the mouse to free-rotate.

Action confirmation: when you first click to perform an action, the selection box and path-to-target will turn white and a tooltip will appear with the action name and the amount of time your character will have after performing the action (and endurance/morale if applicable). Click again to act, or do anything else to cancel. This is intended to help with misclicks and reduce the amount of mental arithmetic the game requires. You can go back to one-click movement in the options menu if you prefer that style.

Players can now select a difficulty level on starting the game.
  • Normal: you can now heal and save a restore point at hotels (for a price). In the event of a game-over, you will revert back to the latest restore point. Additionally, more medkits will spawn and player characters have more morale, but achievements are disabled.
  • Hard: you can now heal all party members at hotels (for a price), but only once. There are fewer medkits and less morale than in normal mode, and since there are no restore points, death is permanent. Achievements are enabled. This is the default difficulty and is close to the pre-1.05 difficulty level.
  • Very Hard: hotels have no vacancy and cannot be used at all, later areas have 150% more enemies.
Make the missile launcher and plasma grenade slightly less accurate.

Fix crash caused by destroyed blocks sometimes remaining in fallen trees and guard towers.

Fix potential crash where it was possible to pickup deactivated objects in rare cases.

Fix bug where all shopkeepers were named Morgan.

Fix bug where, when equipping things from inventory, you only pay the inventory access time and not the equip time.

Fix bug where Explosteves would always fall straight down if you interrupted them in midair. Now, they only do so if you hit them on the interrupt.

Fix bug where pathing to an object to pick it up gets shorter each time you toggle shift.

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